www aswinicalicut net lab result – aswinicalicut diagnostic 2021

www aswinicalicut net lab result

www aswinicalicut net lab result: Aswini Diagnostic Services is the first reference clinical laboratory in North Kerala to acclaim NABL accreditation. Located at the heart of Calicut, Aswini offers easy access to state-of-the-art facilities and excellent diagnostic services at affordable rates. email: contact@aswinicalicut.net and contact number 9947130846, 9567087695.

www aswinicalicut net lab result

Friends will now tell about www.aswinicalicut.net lab result or Ashwini hospital, aswinicalicut net, aswini diagnostic Calicut, and their all services

Aswini diagnostic Services – www aswinicalicut net lab result

Friends talk about their services first. Friends, ashwini clinic and Aswini Diagnostic Services is a very good service, wherever you look at this hostel, it is very much appreciated. And if seen, their staff are also very good and also do work at a very speed, due to which no human has any problem.

Now we get to know the complete details about their services and what services they are providing.




www aswinicalicut net lab result

Clinical Biochemistry tests study the changes that occur in the chemical and biochemical mechanism of the body during diseases generally by analyzing body fluids like blood or urine.



www aswinicalicut net lab result

Clinical Pathology tests deal with the diagnosis of diseases usually based on the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids such as blood or urine.



www aswinicalicut net lab result

Serology and immunology tests involve the study of blood serum to find out the response of the immune system to pathogens or foreign substances.



www aswinicalicut net lab result

Haematology tests involve examination of blood in relation to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases especially related to blood and bone marrow.



www aswinicalicut net lab result

Microbiology tests determine the nature of infectious diseases by identifying the microorganisms that cause the disease



www aswinicalicut net lab result

Histopathology tests involve microscopic examination of tissues to study the changes in them caused by a disease.



Cytology tests involve an examination of cells collected by fine-needle aspiration, PAP smear Test, or body fluids, To diagnosis various diseases.

www aswinicalicut net lab result

Aswini Diagnostic Services  – How It Works

We believe that everyone deserves quality healthcare and that is why our diagnostic services follow a simple three-step process any layman can easily understand. The three-steps are:


Registration is done prior to the test at the Front Office.

Testing: The customer is directed to the location of testing and testing is done by well-trained professionals using high-quality equipment.

Reporting: The customer will be given a user code and password with which he can log in to the Online Reports section on our website to access test reports or be can collect the report from the report counter.

Aswini Diagnostic Clinic Team

www aswinicalicut net lab result
www aswinicalicut net lab result

aswini lab Calicut phone number

(0495) 2703250

aswini lab calicut contact

Chinthavalappu Junction, Jail Road, Calicut 673 004
Phone : (0495) 2703250,  2703255,  2300151(Lab),  2702840 (Pathologist)
Mobile: 9947130846, 9567087695, 6238026240, 6238045563
email: contact@aswinicalicut.net
website: www.aswinicalicut.net

Online Information | Aswini Diagnostic Calicut

aswini diagnostic and clinic services have been very good aswini diagnostic staff is highly specialized and aswini diagnostic services are also very fast such as calicut results, lab calicut results, and aswinicalicut.net online result etc.
If you have any problem for aswini diagnostics or anything, then you can directly call or contact Ashwini Hospital and if you want to get any information online then you can fill an online form. The link to the form is given below

Online Information form submit

aswini lab result download

Friends, if you want to download aswini lab result, www aswinicalicut net result today, aswini hospital has given the option to download lab results or diagno lab reports for all of us, which makes all of us a lot easier, you can deduct this link (www.aswinicalicut .net), you can also download or information.

  • Diabetes Awareness IDF – E-Brochure


  • New Test Launch CA19.9 – E-Brochure


  • Patient Preparation – Aswini Forms


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What are its hours of operation on aswini diagnostic and clinic

The establishment is functional on

Monday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Tuesday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Wednesday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Thursday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Friday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Saturday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Sunday:- 7:30 Am – 6:00 Pm


www aswinicalicut net lab result Review

Chakrapani KP, Pulpally

” Aswini Diagnostic Services offers more than test results. The service providers work collaboratively with the treating physician to advise on the selection and clinical application of laboratory testing in a patient’s overall episode of care. . This tie exemplifies the integration with the customers’

Sudheesh Kumar AB, Calicut

” My experience on 05.12.2013 ———————- Excellent! Notice Board said counter starts @ 7.30 am but they started @ 7.15 and very good customer relationship and the report got online at 9.45 am… Keep it up…..

Salih A. Mannil, Mukkom, Kodiyathoor

” Very Professional..Net service is excellent. Data is available on the net for a long time. It is recommended to keep the database of the customer if he provides the SID No.@ the time of test, so he can retrieve it with the same username and password once provided.

Jijeesh P G, Manager-North Kerala

” Aswini Diagnostic is providing outstanding services. One of the main attraction is, getting lab accurate results on time online and offline always. I recommend Aswini Diagnostic to all. Thank you.


Why Aswini – www aswinicalicut net lab result

As regards diagnostics, people are raising concerns about the accuracy and reliability of testing since results of the same test show variations when done from different diagnostic centres. This happens due to poor testing equipment and lack of technical expertise.

Quality of our reports are checked and certified by international and national bodies like Bio-rad, CMC vellore and All India Institute of medical sciences through their EQAS programs.

www aswinicalicut net lab result

We provide world-class healthcare equipment along with remarkable technical support and customer care. Our completely automated testing makes accurate results available in the shortest time possible. There is a wide range of clinical tests available from Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology and Pathology and the reports of these tests can be accessed online.


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