How to Write a Letter to Bank Manager For Refund Money

How to Write a Letter to Bank Manager For Refund Money

Friends, if you are searching that How to Write a Letter to Bank Manager For Refund Money then in this article we will tell you by writing a letter.

How to Write a Letter to Bank Manager For Refund Money

So, Here’s the correct way to write a letter to the bank manager for refund money.


The Bank Manager

Bank Name

City – pin code

Date: dd/mm/yyyy

Subject: Not received cash from ATM but the amount is debited.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am  (Name) customer of your bank for last 6 years, bearing Account number (A/C no. ). I was trying to withdraw money from your bank ATM, but I did not receive any cash from ATM, I received an ATM transaction slip clearly stating that deduction of amount from my bank account, immediately after that I received an SMS about deduction of amount.

Transaction details:

  1. Date: dd/mm/yyyy
  2. Time: 01:00 PM
  4. Location: Vadlapudi, Vizag

( I have attached Xerox copy of the transaction slip. )

Kindly look into this matter and credit my debited amount as early as possible.

Yours faithfully




  1. How to write a Complaint Letter to bank manager for Refund money.

Sample 1:-



The manager,

…….. Company’s Name

…….. Company’s Address

Subject Complaint against a deduction from ATM.

Dear Sir,

I am Nampo L, with due respect I would like to state that residence of Mumbai and a saving account holder of your bank branch for the last 10 years. This letter is regarding the deduction of money from

the ATM.

It was on the 9th September 2021 at around 8 am, in the morning I withdraw an amount of Rs. 50.000/— from your bank’s ATM at Lal Building 24. Mumbai. When I get the mini statement from the ATM I received an amount of Rs. 50,000 was debited from my account.

However, when I reach home I received an SMS on my registered phone number that an additional amount of Rs. 10.000 was dedicated from the account.

Therefore. So, I urge that you resolve my issues as quickly as possible and refund the money back to my account in accordance with the bank’s policies. I am also enclosing the mini statement and passbook along with this letter.

Yours faithfully,



Sample 2:- Complaint Letter to bank manager for Refund money.



(Name of the Account Holder)___


(Telephone Number)___

(Email Id)____



(Designation of the Officer)

(Name of the Bank)


(Telephone Number)

(Email Id)


Subject:  Non-credit of the refund amount to my account

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am presently holding a savings account be number…. at the …. branch office of your bank. I had cancelled the tickets booked on IRC TC on (Date). IRCTC refunded the money to my said bank account.

I waited for several days but the money was not credited to my account. I complained

about the matter to IRC TC and they provided me with the following details of the refund:

> Refund of Rs. against Ref. No ….. on (Date).

I had lodged an online complaint at the bank’s website on (Date) and had provided the above details to cross-check on the basis of the reference number. The complaint registration number/ticket id is But, even after days, no action has been taken as of yet and the amount is still not credited to my account.

Therefore, I request your good self to kindly instruct the appropriate officer to investigate this issue in detail urgently and the credit is made to my account at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation of an early resolution!



(Name of the Account-holder)

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  1. How to write a formal letter to bank


The Bank Manager

(Name of the bank)

(Branch name)

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Subject: (State the subject — be very precise and to the point)

(Body of the letter — Explain the reason for writing this letter. Be very clear and provide supporting documentation if required.)

Thank you

(Account details such as bank account number and name)

Yours Faithfully





  1. How to write an application to bank manager for refund money


Bank Manager

Bank name

Branch name

Date: dd/mm/year

Subject: Application to close the saving account.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I have opened a savings bank account here 10 years ago. My account number is ….. I am

unable to maintain this account due to some personal circumstances.

Therefore, I request you to please close this bank account as soon as possible and transfer the account

balance to another account whose details are mentioned below. It would be highly appreciable if you do the needful to initiate the process as soon as possible.

Bank name:

Account number:

IFSC code:


Yours’s faithfully,




People also ask –  With answer👇

Q.1 How do I write a letter to the bank for a deducted amount refund from a failed transaction?

Ans. Friends, a letter has to be written to the bank for refund of the amount deducted, I have written sample letters above in the Friends article, you can write accordingly.

Q.2 How do you write an application to the bank manager for a refund of money cash not received but amount deducted?

Ans. Friends cash not received but for a refund of the deducted amount, you have to write an application to a bank manager. Well, there is a lot of work like this, but if you have this, then you will have to write a letter. Only then you will be able to get your money back. In this article, we have given some samples above, so you have to write a letter after seeing those samples.

I hope you have understood How to Write a Letter to Bank Manager For Refund Money. In this article, we have given some samples, after seeing them, you can write a letter to the bank manager.